Product Bundling Successfully
Product bundling is a method of sales where the seller sells the good with the combination of related product under united price. If you check any apparel or gadget site, you will find combo products sold that attracts buyers to buy the product.For instance, at you will find combo products of Tab/Mobile Keyboad + USB Fan +USB light, 1 Jeans+ Sunglasses+ Casual Belt and other such combo offers. This is either to finish off the inventory or increase the increase.

Product Bundling Successfully

Product bundling is a great way to promote and sell products falling under common category. However, not every product bundling will benefit the online retailer because many customers don’t appreciate the process or choice of products offered. Hence, good strategies for selling should be included in your product bundling for better sales.

Let us check the top 3 product bundling strategies to use in your website:

1.Clubbing the Accessories with an Item:

It does make sense for the e-retailers to sell accessories product together. Like, if you are selling DSLR camera, then offer tripod, extra battery or lens along. Similarly, you can also work on apparels. This will give more options for buyers to buy and engage in more shopping.

2.Promoting Small Purchases:

Encouraging shoppers to shop for small bundles of the products is the best way to have success. For a seller, it is quite a burden to deliver small items to the buyer. So suggesting shoppers for buying a group of related items under fewer prices is the best way of product bundling. These small items can be of gadget or home appliances.

3.Adding Freebies:

Along with the packaged product, add something for free to make the package more attractive and selling. If the buyer finds that he is getting 3 items of a group for lower price, instead buying separately in high price, the buyer will certainly go for bundle product along with freebies.


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