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To keep your customer hooked with your e-commerce service, it is important to offer exceptional customer service. This eventually profits the retail industry. Today, every shopper checks out online e-commerce site to get new deals and product right from the comfort of home. For an e-commerce company like Whaaky it is important to keep customers happy and provide the best customer service. If you check out Whaaky website, you’ll find some Whaaky reviews that are highly positive; this is because of customer friendly service offered.whaaky reviews

Customer service is a critical to keep the relationship going smoothly between retailers and customers. In the age of social media, companies have to be very careful because a small mistake can lead to troll or falling of online reputation. So this blog explains about how e-commerce companies can provide effective customer service:

5 Effective ways to provide Effective Customer Service

  1. Offering Multichannel Support:

Customers today use more than one support channel and they expect to receive a consistent experience over multiple customer contact. E-Commerce Company has to check out different channels of communication to get accustomed with their needs.

  1. Interaction through Social Media:

Today, almost 90% of customers use social media and choose this medium for interaction. Be it tweeting directly to the company or posting a message on FB. The company has to interact by revert back to the grievance or messages. Around 70% of customers believe that social media will become the next tier of customer service. Moreover, 80% of customers won’t shop from the company that leaves complaints unanswered. 32% of customers using Twitter as a medium expect the company to respond in a few minutes. Though this can depend on how active the company is on Twitter.

  1. Online Support:

One of the best ways to offer effective customer service is by having an online chat which will influence the attitude about the retailer. Today, most of the e-commerce websites have online chat options that allows buyer to interact with the executive if finding any hassle during the shopping.

  1. Offering WOW Experience:

Customer comes back to your site only if the previous shopping experience was great. In today’s extremely competitive online market, companies are doing their best to exceed customers’ expectation. With the combination of empathy and understanding of customers’ requirement, company can offer the WOW experience.

  1. Online Helpdesk for Better Communication:

Having an online helpdesk where the customers can see common questions and replies to the same can be very helpful. This means, the company can focus more on sales rather than answers same questions.

About Whaaky.com:

Owned by Trade2Online Pvt Ltd, Whaaky is a popular online shopping destination. It works as deal site where deals go online on a daily basis. These deals are available from popular offline retailers across the country. From mobile and gadgets to apparels and fashion wears, Whaaky.com deals with all products.

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