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If you’re engaged into e-commerce game, then your goal is pretty simple, gain maximum exposure and conversion for faster growth and reach. Boosting the sale using various tactics is essential to keep increasing the conversion rate of the e-commerce site. There are thousands of e-commerce websites which are in the battleground, and every site tries its best in gaining higher reach. There are many things that matter for a better conversion rate, and one is the quality of the traffic that contributes majorly.There are sites like Whaaky.com are using the best strategies for good conversion rate. Let us check 5 proven strategies that can help in increasing the conversion rate of your e-commerce site:
  1. Quality Product Images:

For an e-commerce site, images play a major role because it allows grabbing the attention of visitors. An e-commerce site with high-quality image and product description grabs the eyeball of visitors and induces them to buy the product. Check out some sites that are known for high-quality images to get an idea on why such sites get high traffic. If you’ve enough budgets, then do hire a photographer to get the best images for your site.

  1. Improve the Quality of Product Description:

Product description with engaging words and complete information helps the buyer to know about the product and decide whether to buy or not. A good sales copy with rich information in short words presents the product in a good format. Give detailed information about the product to make buying decision of the buyer easy. A product description of 300 words would do.

  1. Using Videos:

A good content video presenting the product can be an added advantage to increase the conversion rate. The video should demonstrate the product in a high-quality way to induce the buyer to buy the product. If you’re creating a video about apparel, then make it visually appealing having a smart model.

  1. Offer Customization Offer:

Customization of the product encourages buyers to buy the product as per the requirement. From price customization to size and other options, you must give enough options to customize the product. For instance, if your site deals with apparels and accessories, then offer the options of size, color, price, brand, etc. to customize it accordingly.

  1. Bring Down the Shipping Cost:

If you want to increase the conversion rate, then it’s time to bring down or eliminate the shipping cost, which is the biggest drawback. There is no surprise that buyers want free shipping. If you cannot offer free shipping, then at least bring down the price on shopping given amount of shopping.

About Whaaky.com:

Owned by Trade2Online Pvt Ltd, Whaaky is a popular online shopping destination. It works as the deal site where deals go online on a daily basis. These deals are available from popular offline retailers across the country. From mobile and gadgets to apparels and fashion wears, Whaaky.com deals with all products.


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