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For e-commerce retailers drop shipping can be extremely beneficial tactic, especially if done it in a right way.  In many cases, for supplier and retailers, the method can create additional complexity and challenges due to quality and speed of the shipping. To ensure quality result, e-commerce retailers need to adopt sophisticated, real-tie API and other methods to support logistics.

Before we get into the tips, let us first check what is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is retail fulfilment process, where the third party handles the shipment of the product to the final customer. Third party is basically manufacturer or distributor. The process is quite different from standard e-commerce fulfilment and delivery as the retailer doesn’t stock the inventory. Both, the retailer and the third party have the agreement that eliminated several steps of supply chain.

So now let us check how to ensure manageable returns from Drop Shipping:

  • Drop Shipping Freight Items:

Having API connectivity between suppliers and end consumers becomes critical when it comes to dealing with larger freight items. In some cases, there is no live data feed connecting the supplier, retailer and consumer. Moreover, it becomes difficult for retailers selecting methods to fulfil the customers’ need. So it becomes important to drop ship freight items with the use of API connectivity.

  • Using Right Tech for Growth:

As e-commerce is growing rapidly, the use of technology is also growing in a rapid speed.  Retailers have the desire to reduce the complexity of supply chain, and so the drop shipping will witness speed of delivery using cutting-edge technology. Communication gap needs to be brought down between retailer, third party and consumer.

  • Effective Return Policy:

It is important to keep the return policy intact for all the products from suppliers. Moreover, the instructions need to be simple for the customer. This will certainly help the customer to have easy return policy.

About Whaaky.com:

Owned by Trade2Online Pvt Ltd, Whaaky is a popular online shopping destination. It works as deal site where deals go online on a daily basis. These deals are available from popular offline retailers across the country. From mobile and gadgets to apparels and fashion wears, Whaaky.com deals with all products.

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